Chef Zino


Baby Zino, seen on VH1, WE TV, and TV One. Is now, Chef Zino! Chef Zino now has his own Signature Veggie Sprinkle Seasonings line. This little guy is teaching kids how much he loves his fruit and veggies. Making kids of all ages want to join him and be healthy, by making fruits and veggies taste so good. 

Chef Zino's All Purpose Zesty, Zino's Pizza Sprinkles, Chef Zino's French Toast Cinnamon Swirls Sprinkles, & Chef Zino's Happy Cakes & Waffle Sprinkle mix( known as pancakes or hot cakes), will be hitting stores soon. His Happy cakes are putting smiles on kids' faces all around the world. 

Now introducing Chef Zino's Family Spice Line which includes: Chef Zino's Mommy Lemon Pepper & Garlic, along with her Seafood & Chicken Fry (Althea Heart), his Chef Zino's Daddy Lobster & Crab Sauce, Seafood Fry.

"Because We Are a Family of Hip Hop Herbs & Spices." - Althea Heart

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