Althea's Lemon Pepper and Garlic Season

Althea's Lemon Pepper and Garlic Season

Althea's Lemon Pepper and Garlic Season

This seasoning is a delicious blend of zesty lemon, pan-seared pepper, and garlic, crafted to perfection and made specifically for the flavor enthusiast.

Althea's Lemon Pepper & Garlic Seasoning is the perfect addition to any meal! Our seasoning blend is distinctively savory, spicy, and oh-so-flavorful-- it provides just the right kick for your dishes. Whether you're spice-a-holic or just looking for something a little extra to enhance the flavor of your meals, this is the perfect product for you!

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself and experience the tongue-tantalizing goodness that we guarantee will change the way you look at flavoring your meals. Live life in the Althea groove and bring excitement to your dinner table with our Lemon Pepper & Garlic Seasoning.

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