A Beautiful Mess: My Story

A Beautiful Mess: My Story

A Beautiful Mess: My Story
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In A BEAUTIFUL MESS, Althea Heart takes readers on her tantalizing and tumultuous journey with boys to men, her love for the "street life" while growing up, her video vixen days, her singing career, and how she was propelled to new heights in real estate and became a Reality TV Star. 

Althea Heart's road has not always been a pretty one, but in A BEAUTIFUL MESS, she shares her downfalls and her triumphs, being transparent about the life she dreamed of, the life she lived, her current situation, and what she hopes for in the future. In A BEAUTIFUL MESS, Althea even shares her new love goals now that her stint on OWN's "Love Goals" has wrapped, her bond with her son, and how to spot a narcissist. Co-Author, Sonya Jenkins

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